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Adriana was born in Italy and moved to the U.S at the age of 21. In Italy she studied dance for ten years and ran Track in High School. Her studies included ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and ballroom as well as Martial arts. She taught dance for two years until the age of 24 when she found her calling for personal training. She began her carrear as a ACE certified personal trainer, and has trained in numerous gyms and country clubs in Boca Raton, Florida. In 1999 her passion for fitness and deep desire for helping others to change, enabled her to open her own facility “Hardcore Fitness” . Together with her husband, Lance Mosley, she continues to run Crossfit Hardcore, established in 2007, which grows bigger and stronger each year.

Adriana’s first fitness competition was in 1998. In the year 2000, she won the Kim Hartt Classic Competition. After winning this title, her passion immediately transferred to training and preparing other people for these contests. Adriana gained enough knowledge to pursue a career in the preparation of athletes for competitions.

She was the founder of the world renown Teen Fitness division in the NPC (National Physique Committee). With her knowledge, motivation, and encouraging spirit, she has taken the average mom from flab to fabulous with Transformations by Adriana.

Her knowledge has expanded into many subdivisions of fitness. This includes the training of professional boxers, professional bodybuilders, and many other professional athletes. In 2005 she became a certified sports nutrition consultant with the AFPA, but her real nutrition background came from her mentor Gulien Gibson Serrette, a PHD neuropathic Nutritionist and Professional Athlete.

Adriana believes that everyone has an athlete in them that just needs to be unleashed. Adding strength, agility, and power in you daily life, not only will get you in shape, but it will also change every aspect of your life!

Adriana's goal is to pass on to those who want to improve their body, self-esteem, sports performance and quality of life through her caring nature and vast professional knowledge.


Lance’s passion for health and fitness was uncovered at the age of 15 when he started weight lifting. He competed as a body builder at the age of eighteen and has won numerous 1st place titles throughout the following eight years. His interest then turned to powerlifting and through his disciplined nature, hard work, and undying dedication, he built a pristine name for himself in the sport, achieving the status of elite in both the 198lb and 220lb classes.

He has also written and was on the Q&A staff for Elite Fitness Systems, which is a world re-known fitness company, dedicated to sport of powerlifting. And now has crossed over to all types of athletes, such as (football, baseball, MMA, etc.) looking to improve their performance. In addition, Lance is a Russian Kettlebell certified trainer. He is only one of a handful who is certified in this field in the entire state of Florida, and was train by Pavel Tsatsouine. His training now consists of CrosssFit, which he started in January 2008.

Besides his vast knowledge and experience, Lance’s motivational skills set him apart from all of the rest. He applies his expertise and motivation into the training of his clients. He has been in the health/fitness industry for over fifteen years; training the novice to the professional athletes, mom/dads, seniors, various health conditions and special populations. The one thing that Lance’s clients have in common is a trainer with deep intensity and true heart.

CrossFit HardCore was established in August 2007, and is now the program that is followed by our clients and members of HardCore Fitness.


Vicki Kenney is a native of Florida. She has always embraced the Florida lifestyle since a young girl by being active outside. She played collegiate soccer winning 2 National Titles. She is a competitive runner, triathlete, recreational surfer, paddle boarder, adventure racer and crossfitter.

Being active gave me enjoyment as a child, team unity and discipline as a young adolescent, and mental therapy as an adult. Exercise is my passion. I want to share this part of my life with anyone who will listen. Crossfit entered her life in 2008. Through Crossfit she has found another way to push herself mentally and physically.

Vicki has a constant desire to improve her own training as well as others. She has many years of experience in the athletic field. She has coached high school and club soccer teams. She has worked with all populations including elite athletes, obese children, pregnant women, and seniors. She is a Certified Strength Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA and a Nutrition Specialist. She has been in the fitness industry for 17 years. Her passion and background in endurance sports drove her to seek out more knowledge. She became Crossfit Endurance Certified in 2009 and runs the Endurance Program at Crossfit Hardcore.

When Vicki is not training she is taking care of her family. She has a great supportive husband and three beautiful girls (the Blondie’s). They are her motivation to stay healthy and young. She wants to teach them by example and share this secret in life she has found.

“I am not an expert. I am ever evolving. I want to share what I know, my experiences in my life as an athlete and fitness professional. I have the tools and will share them. It is up to you to utilize them. The most satisfying thing about my job is my client’s success. Their success is my success. I feel so grateful to be able to do my passion for a living. Every day I look forward to work.”

Robert "Duke" Levy

Rob ‘Duke’ Levy, moved to Florida from the UK in 2009, and is a successful part owner of CrossFit Hardcore, East Boca.

Prior to a move into CrossFit, my expertise involved competing in all levels of triathlons and short distance running. I have received numerous awards for these events, including sub 1 hour Sprint triathlon, a 5.19 minute mile and sub 19 minute 5K.

Certified in the following fitness disciplines: CrossFit Level 1 Coach, Personal Training, Group Fitness and Boxing.

My passion for fitness now involves regular teaching sessions at Hardcore, as well as a long list of personal clients.

Chris Stephen "Bear Cub"

Before starting CrossFit some years ago I felt I was in pretty good shape. Then a group of friends and I decided to try it out together, and like most people, that first workout left us on the floor gasping for air wanting more. What really hooked me wasn't that feeling though, it was only when I started to read up on the Crossfit methodology that I felt "This is TRUE fitness." The geek in me was attracted to the scientific approach of defining fitness in observable, measurable, and repeatable terms. The emphasis on work capacity over aesthetics is what truly attracted me.

From the beginning I was always excited to share whatever tips I had to other members of my "box" who would approach me for help, especially with basic gymnastics skills. The joy of seeing people progress made me realize I would like to do this more often. Thanks to the awesome support and encouragement of my trainers I've been given many opportunities to help people of various athletic abilities reach their performance goals. While I derive a measure of joy from my own competitions, nothing compares to the joy I feel coaching and training others to reach their true potential.


Athletic History:

CrossFit Games Open from 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017
CrossFit Team Series 2014
I Am Now Games 2013
CFHC Battle of the Boxes 2013
All County Varsity Gymnast Section XI, Long Island NY
NY State- Shaker Invitational Gymnast

Coaching History

CrossFit L1 Trainer (Personal Training and Group Classes) since February 2013
Gymnastics Clinics and Seminars since February 2014

Jackson Reyes

Jackson was born and raised in Miami, FL and left to join the Marine Corps at age 18 in 2005. During his 6 years in the Marine Corps, he was stationed in Kaneohe Bay, HI, Camp Pendleton, CA, and spend some time overseas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. In 2009, Jackson attended the Marine Corps Martial Arts Instructor Program aboard Marine Corps Base Hawaii. It is there where he found his passion for CrossFit. In January 2010 he became certified to coach and started coaching the evening classes at CrossFit Orange County. After leaving the Marine Corps in 2011, he started coaching at Aliso Crossfit while going to school full time in pursuit of an Exercise Science degree. He also had the privilege to train with Coach Mike Burgener for 5 years and spending 2 of those years on his weightlifting seminar staff. Jackson's love and passion for helping others are the reasons he joined the Marine Corps and is currently a CrossFit/Weightlifting Coach.

CF Level 2
CF Weightlifting
CF Powerlifting
CF Football
CF Gymnastics
CF Movement & Mobility
CF Endurance
USAW Sports Performance Coach
CPR/AED Certified